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Your Sales Calls Should Feel Like Romantic Dates Not Messy Fights

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Hi! I'm Jayant

I solve the two biggest challenges any business can have.

If you're here, reading so intently about me, I'm guessing you need help as well.

Generate More Appointments

I create marketing systems (inbound and outbound) to fill up your sales calendar and bring in more high quality leads.

Get More Sales

Pretty simple, I close deals out of your appointment. Currently, my closing rate varies between 30-37%.

Just the way I've helped these companies

Generated over $650K of revenue


$250,729 in Sales in 1 Year

Helped JF company with product page copywriting, lead magnets, and email marketing. The combined effort resulted in 48% email open rates and over 2 cr in sales in 2021.

joyfit sales
amaari sales

Amaari Parfum

792% more revenue in Chrismas Sale

From a measly £1,211 in sales to £10,780 in the festive sale. I changed their product page copy and managed their ads to get these results.


₹6,16,171 launch of this fitness brand

Cofounded and launched Ufitness.in with a measly ad budget of ₹37000

JayantPadhi - The Consulting Funnel

$15,143 revenue on my consulting funnel

Built my own coaching and consulting business from the ground up and sold more than 12 lacs with a simple funnel using the free traffic of YouTube


$366,227 revenue generated for the agency

Sold agency services using this very system and generated over $300K in revenue

Learn High Ticket Sales with Proven and Tested Methods

  • Generate inbound & outbound leads and book meetings like a boss

  • Stop wasting time learning how to handle objections. Statistically, only 2.91% of sales close after objection handling.

     I'll teach you how to eliminate them.

  • Understand the persuasive psychology that can help you close even the coldest of audience. These are the exact strategies I used to close my corporate deals.

  • Get the S.T.R.O.N.G. and S.P.I.N framework that beautifully close high ticket sales without any non-real objections

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